Examples of Punitive Damage Awards

Father blackmails daughter with release of nude photos to gain control of granddaughter. Daughter relinquishes all rights as guardian of infant child to father. Daughter sues father for violating her right to privacy. Jury awards daughter $100,000 in compensatory damages,$125,000 in attorney fees, and $500,000 in PUNITIVE DAMAGES.

Woman texting while driving crosses over center line causing collision with oncoming vehicle. Severe injuries to a pregnant lady and her unborn child.
$1,000,000 in compensatory damages and $100,000 in PUNITIVE DAMAGES

Town council president refuses curb cut for driveway to Mrs.M. Mrs.M. needed curb cut to install driveway to her salon shop. Jury agreed that purpose of  refusal was to avoid competition for salon owned by town council president rather than safety issue as advanced by defense. $65,000 compensatory damages and $250,000 in PUNITIVE DAMAGES awarded.

Teenage girl urges boyfriend to commit suicide. Boyfriend does so. Girlfriend convicted of manslaughter. Parents sued for negligent and willful and wanton supervision of daughter who was provided cell phone by parents.Home Owner Policy paid limits . $100,000 in PUNITIVE DAMAGES paid by parents. 

Accountant was slandered by employer to a third party. Account sued and was awarded $69,000 in compensatory damages and $2,000,000 PUNITIVE DAMAGES. Employer appealed on issue of amount of PUNITIVE DAMAGES. Illinois Supreme Court reduced PUNITIVE DAMAGES to $1,000,000.

City allowed shuttered jail to be used in reality TV show. Producers locked juveniles into facility. ‘Inmates’ sued for violation of civil rights. Compensatory and PUNITIVE DAMAGES sought. Settled out of court for undisclosed amount.

IDOT road worker fled to the ditch to avoid immanent collision. Injured in fall.Driver responsible for accident WAS sued. Compensatory Damages of $250,000 and $2,500 in PUNITIVE DAMAGES awarded by jury.

Count Sheriff Deputy paid $15,000 in punitive damage award for civil rights violation. County Commissioners passed resolution to repay Deputy. After reimbursement taxpayer sued each county Commissioners for repayment of tax money spent to settle private debt.   Each County Commissioner repaid pro rata share of $15,000 PUNITIVE DAMAGE award.

Candidate for County Chairperson promised to fire political opponent if elected. After election political opponent was fired. He sued. Jury awarded back pay and $25,000 PUNITIVE DAMAGES.

Police department fires pregnant officer. She sues to get  job back and violation of her civil rights. Jury awards compensatory damages of $89,000. And $350,000 in PUNITIVE DAMAGES awarded.

Vaginal Mesh device fails. Plaintiff wins judgment against Johnson & Johnson. $10,000,000 compensatory damages and $25,000,000 in PUNITIVE DAMAGE award. Recall on product. Thousands of women joining class action.

Bank fraudulently diverted direct deposit salary funds from appropriate account.  Plaintiff awarded $6,000,000 in compensatory damages and $10,000,000 PUNITIVE DAMAGES.

Dentist double billed Medicare to bolster bottom line . Inflated value used to sell practice. Jury awarded $187,000 compensatory damages and $309,000 in PUNITIVE DAMAGES and $90,000 in interest.

Manufacturer of bakery equipment broke into bakery and took back the ovens because of late payment of invoice. Bakery was not able to creat product to sell to create cash flow to pay for ovens. Bakery sues and wins $2,000,000 for provable profits lost and $6,000,000 for punitive damages.

Game show host who sexually assaulted a contestant was ordered to pay $1,130,100 in compensatory damages and $6,000,000 in punitive damages.

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